To help parents protect their breastfeeding relationship in the face of the current health crisis, kindestCup is temporarily available at flexible pricing.

A breastfeeding-friendly cup to COLLECT and FEED breast milk

Successfully managing your milk supply has never been simpler!

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Three proven solutions that have worked for millions of years.


Made from 100% pure food-grade silicone. Easy to clean.


Save time. Save money. Save your nerves.

DEsigned by and for breastfeeding parents

After 5 months of struggling with other products I now have a much simpler solution. I can use this for cup feeding, catching letdown & expressing my milk. You have merely redefined nursing for me. Absolutely glorious and brilliant!

Brittany S.

I can't rave enough about the fact that it suctions onto more than just my areola and nipple. It attaches to the breast itself which is much more comfortable, and it can be used in any position including lying down.

Kumari R.

My 4 month old is exclusively breastfed and adamantly refuses bottle. When we tried kindestCup, she took to it immediately. We finally have an alternative way to feed her , and I’m super grateful !

Michelle E.

kindestCup is the best container I've found so far for hand expression. It's such a relief to have one simple part to clean after expressing milk! A great product from a company that genuinely cares about breastfeeding people.

Caitlin O.

Meet the world's first and only 3-in-1 breastfeeding cup

Hand expressing milk

Sometimes it's better to take matters in your own hands...

- Hand expression is the most effective method of breast milk expression, other than breastfeeding a baby.

- With some practice, our hands can express more milk in less time than a modern breast pump  (Morton et al. 2009).

- Hand expressed milk has a higher fat content than pumped milk (Morton et al., 2012). That's good for baby's growth and prevents clogged ducts.

- Using your own hands feels pleasant and satisfying, especially when done ergonomically and without wasting milk. 

- kindestCup provides the perfect shield and reservoir to catch hand expressed milk, even if it sprays and drips in every direction.

-The ergonomic design can be used in comfortable upright or laid back positions and works right- and left handed. 

Saving leaking breast milk

If you leak while nursing, collecting drip milk is easy and effortless.  

- kindestCup is a hands-free milk saver that suctions to the breast to passively collect drip milk.

- kindestCup has an exceptionally gentle and secure latch and is more compact compared to other milk catchers.

- The powerful suction feels gentle because it is distributed over a large area thanks to the wide opening.  

- kindestCup doesn't pull on the sensitive nipple and areola. It attaches further back on the breast

- kindestCup even works for side-lying nursing!

- No flange! One size fits all.

- See a demo of the kindestCup latch.

Cup feeding

Once you captured your milk, you or someone else can feed it to baby directly from kindestCup.

- Cup feeding is completely natural for babies. Even newborns can do it! kindestCup has a soft, flexible rim that gently conforms to baby's tiny mouth and minimizes spills. 

- No artificial nipples, no nipple confusion.

- According to lactation professionals, cup feeding is the preferred feeding alternative for breastfed babies because it does not interfere with breastfeeding. It doesn't affect baby's ability to return to the breast.

- Some dentists recommend cup feeding to promote healthy oral-facial development 

- Cup feeding may be beneficial for babies who get gassy or colicky from bottle-feeding.

- Learn more about cup feeding newborns.


kindestCup makes every amount of breast milk look perfect. Because that's what it is!

Click on the hotspots to discover how kindestCup promotes positive feedback and facilitates effective milk removal.

How does it work?

kindestCup combines the functionality of multiple breastfeeding products in one simple and elegant design. Watch the video to find out how it works.

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"Postpartum Essential for Mom and Baby" about kindestCup

Who is kindestCup for?

You're not crazy about pumping...

There are issues with bottle feeding.

You honour your body, your community and our planet

If this sounds familiar, kindestCup is for you!

Breastfeeding is important work! Celebrate every drop! kindestCup can help you find a sustainable balance between breastfeeding and other aspects of your life, without compromising your breastfeeding relationship.

kindestCup is thoughtfully designed by a breastfeeding mom with a PhD in Biomechanics!

Freedom of expression

designed by and for breastfeeding mothers

Zero waste

Done breastfeeding? Repurpose as collapsible, indestructible drinking cup or snack bowl.

The natural alternative to breast pumps

When the norm sucks, why not try normal?

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