To help parents protect their breastfeeding relationship in the face of the current health crisis, kindestCup is temporarily available at flexible pricing.

Flexible pricing for COVID-19

Business as usual is so last week...

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures! We are changing the way we do business. kindestCup is one of the most reliable tools for managing your milk supply and protecting your breastfeeding relationship. Breastfeeding is essential in a public health crisis. Until further notice kindestCup will be available at flexible pricing with a heavily reduced minimum. Advertising is not in the budget anymore so please share this with any breastfeeding or pregnant parents you know.

How does flexible pricing work?

Most online store platforms are not setup for flexible pricing. To implement a way to choose your price, we are using a plug-in app called Negotio. This app was designed to allow customers to 'bargain' for an item they are interested in. It's not exactly what we were looking for but it does the job...

On the product page you'll find a button called 'Apply for COVID relief pricing'. 

Click on the button to enter a price that is lower (or higher) than the regular price of the item. Submit your 'offer' and wait a few seconds for the offer to get accepted. 

The system is currently setup to accept the following minimum offers:

kindestCup: US$19.95 or higher (reg. US$29.95)

kindestCup (2-pack): US$35.95 or higher (reg. US$45.95)

Note that these prices include regular shipping to the US/Canada. It costs about US$5.00-7.00 to ship an order.  

Who pays for this?

It is unlikely that everyone will choose to buy at minimum price, however, we do anticipate a reduction in revenue. The kindestCup mission has never been about money but about improving breastfeeding outcomes. We are in the middle of a public health crisis and continued breastfeeding is more important than ever. 

To fund this initiative we have canceled our modest advertisement budget. Instead of paying Google and Facebook (who more interested in censoring breastfeeding-related content anyway), we trust that the breastfeeding community will spread the word about kindestCup by means of word of mouth

3 things that really help are:

  • If you have a website please consider including a link to We'll return the favor!
  • Product reviews on the product page are really helpful
  • Post about kindestCup on social media (tag #kindestcup)