kindestCup - Breast Milk Collection Cup - kindestCup
kindestCup - Breast Milk Collection Cup - kindestCup
kindestCup - Breast Milk Collection Cup - kindestCup
kindestCup - Breast Milk Collection Cup - kindestCup
kindestCup - Breast Milk Collection Cup - kindestCup

kindestCup - 3 in 1 Multifunctional Breast Milk Expression Cup

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kindestCup is a 3 in 1 Breastfeeding Cup for

  1. hand expression
  2. cup feeding 
  3. saving leaking breast milk.

The Best Choice for Hand Expression of Breastmilk

Breastfeeding is a beautiful and easy way to nourish and comfort tiny humans. But managing lactating breasts and regulating milk supply can be challenging.

kindestCup is your new 'breast' friend: it supports breastfeeding in 3 essential ways:

1. Hand expression: This is the most natural, most effective method of breastmilk expression (other than breastfeeding a baby). kindestCup is ergonomically designed to make hand expression less tiring. It promotes good posture and can be used right- and left-handed. It is engineered to collect hand expressed milk efficiently. All the random drops and sprays in every direction are contained within the soft silicone cup. kindestCup is the only breastmilk collection device in the world that is optimized to harvest the power of hand expression.


  • Hand expressed milk is more nutritious than pumped milk (true story)
  • Some lactation professionals recommend hand expression to prevent medical conditions such as engorgement, blocked ducts or mastitis.
  • Hand expression is beneficial for managing both, low milk supply and oversupply.

2. Cup feeding: kindestCup has a soft rim that conforms to baby's tiny mouth so that baby can feed directly from kindestCup. No artificial nipples, no nipple confusion. Cup feeding is completely natural for babies. Even newborns can do it.


  • Cup feeding may also help babies who get gassy or colicky from the bottle.
  • Some lactation professionals recommend cup feeding as a temporary feeding alternative for babies who struggle with breastfeeding issues due to oral restrictions, such as tongue ties or lip ties.

3. Saving leaking breast milk:  Breast milk is liquid gold that should not go to waste on clothes or nursing pads. Take advantage of the letdown reflex, for example when baby is nursing on the opposite breast. kindestCup gently adheres to the leaky breast and collects drip milk to save for later. kindestCup has wider opening and more compact shape than any other silicone breast pump, which makes for an exceptionally gentle and secure latch. Fits all breast sizes.

Other benefits of kindestCup 3 in 1 Breastfeeding Cup include:

  • kindestCup is completely safe, made from 100% food-safe silicone.
  • kindestCup is super easy to clean.
  • kindestCup offers the functionality of multiple breastfeeding products for a fraction of the cost.
  • kindestCup does does not have a volume scale.Yes, no volume scale, no unrealistic expectation.
  • kindestCup is WHO-code compliant.
  • kindestCup makes for a less stressful experience for new mothers.

Join a growing community of breastfeeding moms who chose a more gentle and natural way to support their breastfeeding experience. Don't be shy…. EXPRESS YOURSELF!

This offer includes a high-quality drawstring storage pouch with lint-free satin lining and clip-on loop. Washable and reusable. Perfect for on-the-go!


Limited time opportunity:

Support Helen's crowdfunding campaign and get kindestCup for GBP20.00 (that's only around US$25.00!!). This offer includes everything you see here as well as worldwide shipping from the UK! The only catch is that your reward won't ship until Nov. 11, when the campaign ends.


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Love my KindestCup!

This product made collecting my expressed milk so easy, I stopped losing half of my milk squirting over and around other containers I tried. Thank you KindestCup!

Kidest Cup recommendation from an IBCLC

I absolutely love this product! I have had the opportunity to share it with my clients and they are amazed at the variety of ways this small and simple product can be used!


Item arrived quickly in perfect condition. Process was painless from beginning to end thanks to Mel!
Cannot comment on the use personally but have already ordered more for gifts. :)


Kindest and Best!

I love the Kindest Cup! Learning how to hand express has been both empowering and incredibly helpful. During my third round of blockages in as many weeks, the Kindest Cup was a great tool for letting me hand express without having to worry about aiming properly, making a mess, finding a properly clean and properly shaped container, etc. The design is very functional, and also very pleasing, and makes hand expression simple and satisfying. Really grateful for this product!

Calling all breastfeeding moms!

This product is unlike any other I have tried thus far. It’s soft, comfortable suction is unparalleled and it’s very user friendly.
The best part, however, is that there is no volume scale. For an anxious mama like me, it’s nice to not be so focused on ounces produced.
The Kindest Cup is honestly a must have for every breast feeding person. It’s a game changer.