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kindestCup is a unique, multifunctional cup that supports breastfeeding in 3 ways:

  •  catching hand expressed milk
  •  hand-free collection of drip milk
  •  cup feeding

Includes an amazing drawstring storage pouch with satin lining and clip-on loop. Washable and reusable. Perfect for on-the-go!

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Aubrey N.
United States

Easiest way to get my milk!

I had a hand pump and an electric pump I didn’t use! I got the kindest cup and it was so motivating to collect my drips I started hand expressing! This sits on my nursing table!

Samantha C.
United States

Versatile and handy

I thoroughly enjoy using kindest cup but it has a bit of a learning curve and some limitations. The large opening is great for hand expressing but makes achieving suction for catching drip milk a little more difficult than other silicone manual pumps. However, because the suction is less intense, it feels more like it is just catching leaking milk rather than pulling more out and has helped balance my supply better than using other options like a manual pump, hard plastic catching cups, or breast pads. I also like that it will have life beyond my breastfeeding years and find use as a flexible cup, bowl, plaything, or even storage/organization. I recommend giving it a try, but it might not meet the needs of everyone.

K M.
United States

Great tool for the lactation toolbox

Simple. Useful. Multipurpose. Love it!

Lauren M.
United States

Better than a haakaa, essential in the early days

I am so in love with my Kindest Cup. Especially in my early days of breastfeeding, I had so much dripping and oversupply/overactive letdown issues. I had to put a haakaa on with so much suction just to keep it on, and it would usually fall or be easily knocked off, spilling milk everywhere. After getting a Kindest Cup, I realized that my haakaa had also been pulling extra milk out of me! Kindest cup grips your breast with a wider footprint, so it stays on with less suction, didn't pull any more than a few drops out of me, and has never fallen off! Now that my baby is drinking out of cups, she's likes the Kindest Cup the best! We even use it for water. Love, love, love!

Liz K.

Love it!

I love this item! It has allowed me to save milk for my little babe without changing my feeding routines or times - just get set up before feeding and express a bit more once she is done! It's discrete, quiet and efficient once you learn how to hand express. I also love how it keeps the process literally in my own hands vs. a machine - I have been recommending kindestCup to all my mom friends!