kindestCup (2-pack) - 3 in 1 Breast Milk Catcher

kindestCup (2-pack) - 3 in 1 Breast Milk Catcher

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  Why two kindestCups? It's a great deal! You can share with a friend or you can keep them in different places: one for home and one for work, for example....

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Why two kindestCups? It's a great deal! You can share with a friend or you can keep them in different places: one for home and one for work, for example.

If you use kindestCup to keep yourself comfortable and collect breast milk while you're away from baby and someone else is cup feeding baby you'll definitely want two kindestCups.

The 2-pack contains two complete single packs.



Customer Reviews

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The kindestCup is AMAZING!!

I cannot rave enough about how amazing the kindestCup is!! I had my baby 6 days ago and I've collected over 16 oz of milk already since then! I can't believe how much milk would have otherwise been completely wasted into nursing pads from let down and leaking! The design is so perfect and comfortable, it fits exactly into my nursing bra or tank top, and it's so easy to quickly put on before nursing and I know that it will stay securely in place. It also has a well designed spout so it's easy to pour into a bottle to store without fear of spilling. It's made of a silicone material that's comfortable for wearing, and easy and quick to wash. Although I received this item for free from an Instagram contest, I would pay 100x over for it for sure! It's such peace of mind to already have a freezer stash building up in case I need it. I have already been recommending this product to my friends who are pregnant, I can't say enough good things about it!

Did not work for me

The product is well made, but was not able to collect milk on it's own with just the light suction. It does have a large opening for hand expression, but I have trouble doing that technique. I was hoping for this to work more like the haaka, but not stick out as far for my baby to kick off. The suction just wasn't strong enough to pull milk from let down and left a ring around my boob. I should have just bought one to test for the price.

Thank you!

Thanks for the amazing customer service! I received my kindestCup the same day that I ordered it, and it works beautifully! The thing I appreciate most is its simplicity! Unlike with my breast pump, I don't have to read a manual to remind myself how to use it or wash it, and it fits without having to order special parts. It was also so affordable and eco-friendly, and I will be able to pass it on safely to another mom when I'm no longer breastfeeding. The kindestCup will be my go-to baby shower gift from now on!

Great milk saver

I’m only into day 6 of new baby, but I’ve really liked having the kindest cup to collect milk from the breast that’s not feeding my little one. As it’s still early in the process, I’ve had difficulty using this for hand expression, and cup feeding. Both are pretty messy at this point, but that might change as my milk comes in and my breasts aren’t so engorged. I also wouldn’t recommend trying cup feeding for the first time at 3:45am, that probably had something to do with my unsuccessful attempt. Overall, however, I’m happy with the purchase and the quality of the product. Easy to clean, easy to transport. Thanks!

Very happy

Just started using kindest cup with my newborn. It works great now that my milk has come in. I was shocked at the amount of "leaking" milk it collects both when engorged and baby is not ready to nurse and when feeding on the other side. Seems more effective than my expensive pump I had for my first.
My son in 1 week old and has no problems with the cup feeding

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