Facts and tips for hand expression of breast milk

Hand expression

Hand expression is as old as breastfeeding itself and sometimes it's better to take matters in your own hands...

- Hand expression is the most effective method of breast milk expression, other than breastfeeding a baby.

- With some practice, our hands can express more milk in less time than a modern breast pump  (Morton et al. 2009).

- Hand expressed milk has a higher fat content than pumped milk (Morton et al., 2012). That's good for baby's growth and prevents clogged ducts.

- Using your own hands feels pleasant and satisfying, especially when done ergonomically and without wasting milk. 

- kindestCup provides the perfect shield and reservoir to catch hand expressed milk, even if it sprays and drips in every direction.

- The ergonomic design of kindestCup can be used in comfortable upright or laid back positions and works right- and left handed.

- Some lactation professionals recommend hand expression to prevent medical conditions such as engorgement, blocked ducts or mastitis.

- Hand expression is beneficial for managing both, low milk supply and oversupply.

- Research shows that women who know hand expression are less likely to give up breastfeeding in the first weeks or months. 

kindestCup is the only breastmilk collection device that is optimized to harvest the power of hand expression.

Lactating fountain hand expression

Learning hand expression

Are you worried about being able to do hand expression? Have you tried hand expression but it didn't really work? Hand expression is a learned skill and it's probably easier than you think! Here are some pro tips that will set you up for success:

Pick a good time: practice hand expression when you're not in a rush. Try it before a feed, when your body is ready to let go of the milk. Not right after a feed when your breasts are depleted.

Pick a good spot: practice somewhere where you can relax and be comfortable. That facilitates oxytocin release.

If it hurts, don't do it: make sure your touch and pressure is gentle and pleasant. That allows your hand to trigger a milk ejection reflex (via oxytocin) and make expressing milk a breeze.

Explore your whole breast: try different areas, angles and directions to squeeze your mammary glands and work the milk towards the nipple. Avoid pulling on your nipple.

- Check out the HOW TO video on hand expression in the FAQ section.

- Don't get frustrated, get help. Trial and error is normal. If you feel like you're not making progress, seek out a local breastfeeding support group or lactation consultant for some one-on-one guidance. Hand expression is ancient female wisdom that would have been passed on to us in person by our mothers, aunts, sisters, cousins etc. Most families have lost this knowledge but there are still many wise women who can teach us.