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Gentle Clean Efficient

The world's first and only multifunctional breastfeeding cup.

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3-in-1 breastfeeding cup

sketch of woman hand expressing into kindestCup

Hand expressing milk

Hand expression is incredibly effective but if you have ever tried it you know that it can get a bit messy. kindestCup provides a proper shield and reservoir to catch milk spraying in different directions. 

Sketch of woman catching breast milk leaking from her breast using kindestCup (silicone pump, similar to haakaa but easy to clean).

Milk saver for leaking breast milk

kindestCup can be used as a hands-free milk saver to collect milk leaking from the breast, for example when feeding baby on the other side. Thanks to the wide opening and compact shape kindestCup suctions on to the breast, not the nipple, which makes for a very gentle and secure latch.

sketch of woman cup feeding baby from kindestCup

Cup feeder

If you wish to avoid nipple confusion from artificial nipples or you forgot a bottle, you or someone else can feed baby directly from kindestCup. The soft, flexible rim perfectly adjusts to baby's mouth and minimizes spills.

What about breast pumps?

Compared to hand expression, breast pumps are a relatively new invention. Many people don't like pumping, so breast pumps are considered a necessary evil. While they can help with some aspects of breast management, breast pumps also introduce new problems and complications, especially when used excessively (see video below). Women have successfully managed their lactating breasts without breast pumps in all kinds of situations for millennia, just using their own skillful hands. If pumping stresses you out, you are not alone! Don't let anyone tell you to 'suck it up'! You do have options. You already have everything you need to feed your baby, on and off the breast. You have the power, kindestCup just harvests it.


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Freedom of expression

designed by and for breastfeeding mothers

Zero waste

Done breastfeeding? Repurpose as collapsible, indestructible drinking cup or snack bowl.

The natural alternative

to breast pumps that suck ;)
Breastfeeding cup (kindestCup) on a deserted rock near the ocean with a lighthouse in the background (Peggy's Cove)

Anytime. Anywhere.

On-the-go protection

kindestCup in drawstring bag with hang tag next to climbing helmets and water bottle


Breastfeeding, engineering and art, all in one. I'm so in love!

Susan J.

Unique, with sensuous feel & practical design.

Connie L.

FANTASTIC... I am excited about your concept. Clever, practical and comforting... GENIUS.

Sheila T.

It is really well designed.

Claire B.

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