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Gentle Clean Efficient

The world's first and only multifunctional breastfeeding cup.

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3-in-1 breastfeeding cup

Hand expression

Hand expression is incredibly effective but it can get a bit messy. kindestCup provides a proper shield and reservoir to catch milk spraying in different directions. 

Drip milk

kindestCup can be used hands-free to collect milk leaking from the breast, for example when feeding baby on the other side. Gentle suction keeps kindestCup securely in place.

Cup feeding

If you wish to avoid artificial nipples or you forgot a bottle, you or someone else can feed baby directly from kindestCup. The soft, flexible rim perfectly adjusts to baby's mouth.

What about breast pumps?

Breast pumps are optional for most of us. Even if we are working away from baby and have to manage our breasts, we have a CHOICE of how to remove milk for our baby. Pumping is just one option... We can pump when we WANT TO but we don't HAVE TO. We are not prisoners to the pump! If it's a nice day and we'd rather sit outside, under a tree and remove milk, we can do that. With our own hands! In fact, we can do it very efficiently  

Our ancestors evolved and prospered for millions of years without ever using a breast pump ... Compared to a simple one-dimensional pump (even an expensive one), our hands are incredibly sophisticated (27 degrees of freedom, millions of sensors etc) and can empty our breasts more efficiently and more completely. It's a bit of a skill at first, but it's not that hard to learn...

kindestcup harvests the power to manage our own lacating breasts.


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Freedom of expression

designed by and for breastfeeding mothers

Zero waste

Done breastfeeding? Repurpose as collapsible, indestructible drinking cup or snack bowl.

The natural alternative

to breast pumps that suck ;)

Anytime. Anywhere.

On-the-go protection


Breastfeeding, engineering and art, all in one. I'm so in love!

Susan J.

Unique, with sensuous feel & practical design.

Connie L.

FANTASTIC... I am excited about your concept. Clever, practical and comforting... GENIUS.

Sheila T.

It is really well designed.

Claire B.

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