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The natural solution for maintaining a healthy breast milk supply

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Meet the world's first and only 3-in-1 breastfeeding cup

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Hand expressing milk

Hand expression is the most natural, most effective method of breast milk expression (other than breastfeeding a baby). It is literally as old as breastfeeding itself.

If you have ever tried it you'll know that catching hand expressed milk can be challenging. Hand expressing milk into regular bowl or cup can be messy and gets tiring quickly because we assume an awkward body posture.

No more mess or cramps!  kindestCup provides a perfect shield and reservoir to catch hand expressed milk from any direction. The ergonomic design promotes good posture and can be used right- and left handed. 

Saving leaking breast milk

Leaky breasts can be messy. Why waste precious breast milk on your clothes or nursing pads? 

kindestCup can be used as a hands-free milk saver to collect milk leaking from the breast, for example when feeding baby on the other side. 

kindestCup has a nice, wide opening and compact shape that adheres to the breast, not just the nipple. This makes for an exceptionally gentle and secure latch

kindestCup even works for side-lying nursing!

Cup feeding

For various reasons, even breastfed babies may sometimes be fed off the breast. Introducing baby to conventional baby bottles is not recommended because it may disrupt babies ability to return to the breast.

However, cup feeding is completely natural for babies. Even newborns can do it! kindestCup has a soft, flexible rim that gently conforms to baby's tiny mouth and minimizes spills. That way, baby can feed directly from kindestCup.

No artificial nipples, no nipple confusion. 

Cup feeding may also be beneficial for babies who get gassy or colicky from the bottle.

kindestCup simplifies how we manage our milk supply and enhances our breastfeeding experience.


Tap into the positive feedback loop

Hand expression is as old as breastfeeding itself. During hand expression the gentle, pleasant touch of your own hands generates positive feedback, which triggers and promotes the release of breast milk. kindestCup is designed to amplify this positive feedback loop and makes milk expression fun! With kindestCup, every amount of breast milk looks perfect. Because that's what it is!

Click on the yellow hotspots to discover on how kindestCup promotes positive feedback and facilitates efficient milk removal.

"One of femtech's most influential voices" about kindestCup

"Postpartum Essential for Mom and Baby" about kindestCup

How does it work?

kindestCup combines the functionality of multiple breastfeeding products in one simple and elegant design. Watch the video to find out how it works.


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Freedom of expression

designed by and for breastfeeding mothers

Zero waste

Done breastfeeding? Repurpose as collapsible, indestructible drinking cup or snack bowl.

The natural alternative to breast pumps

When the norm sucks, why not try normal?
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Anytime. Anywhere.

Travel in style

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Breastfeeding, engineering and art, all in one. I'm so in love!

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Unique, with sensuous feel & practical design.

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FANTASTIC... I am excited about your concept. Clever, practical and comforting... GENIUS.

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It is really well designed.

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