About kindestCup

kindestCup was created in 2019 as the the ultimate, minimalist breastfeeding product. It is now considered a post-partum essential by parents and lactation professionals around the world. kindestCup was created by a breastfeeding mom with a PhD in biomechanics.

Melanie Scholz, pHD

Meet the creator

Melanie (left) breastfed her two children for a combined 5+ years and even donated some breast milk along the way. Melanie prioritized breastfeeding but wasn't prepared to give up on all her other interests and ambitions in life. She needed more flexibility and less mom guilt.

kindestCup is the simplest, most reliable solution she could think of to effectively manage her milk supply AND protect her breastfeeding relationship in almost any situation.

the process

Idea to reality

After her first baby was born, she put her PhD in Biomechanics to use and spent countless hours designing and prototyping kindestCup. The final product was ready a few months after her second baby was born and was everything she had hoped for.

The goal

The 3 Principles

kindestCup embodies 3 basic principles:
1) Every amount of breast milk is perfect.

2) We can do this.

3) Our babies can do this.

Melanie started this company and made kindestCup widely available because she wants to change breastfeeding culture and empower her customers to experience a fulfilling breastfeeding journey. Ultimately, this will improve breastfeeding outcomes worldwide.