3 in 1 Breast Milk Catcher - kindestCup.com
3 in 1 Breast Milk Catcher - kindestCup.com
3 in 1 Breast Milk Catcher - kindestCup.com
3 in 1 Breast Milk Catcher - kindestCup.com
3 in 1 Breast Milk Catcher - kindestCup.com
3 in 1 Breast Milk Catcher - kindestCup.com
3 in 1 Breast Milk Catcher - kindestCup.com
3 in 1 Breast Milk Catcher - kindestCup.com
3 in 1 Breast Milk Catcher - kindestCup.com
3 in 1 Breast Milk Catcher
  • Essential
  • Complete
  • 100% food-grade silicone

  • Dishwasher safe

  • One size fits all

  • Free shipping USA/ Canada

Manage and protect your milk supply in almost any situation so you can breastfeed with confidence.

100% breastfeeding-friendly and WHO code compliant.

What is included?

Essential: kindestCup, instructions for use, recyclable paper bag.

Complete: everything in Essential + rock-climbing inspired reusable drawstring bag with lint-free satin lining. Perfect for on-the-go for just $5 extra ($15 value).

Supports breastfeeding in 3 natural and effective ways:

1) Hand expression

The only breastfeeding product specifically designed for hand expression. 
  • always accessible, always reliable
  • super effective
  • ergonomic design for optimal comfort
  • perfect shield and reservoir
  • works right and left handed
Hand expression is recommended by breastfeeding experts to overcome challenges like engorgement, clogged ducts, low supply, oversupply or just to express some milk or colostrum when you need it. 

2) Saving leaking milk while breastfeeding

If you leak while you feed your baby, kindestCup is your friend.
  • hands-free milk catcher
  • exceptionally gentle and secure
  • works in any nursing position
  • unique flange-less design fits every breast size
  • only catches what leaks naturally
Please note that kindestCup should not be worn for extended periods of time, i.e. as a bra insert. Lactating nipples need to breathe to reduce the risk of bacterial or yeast infection (thrush).

3) Cup feeding

Cup feeding is a great alternative to bottle feeding.
  • does not interfere with breastfeeding (i.e. "nipple confusion", "nursing strike")
  • completely natural, even newborns can do it.
  • great for babies who refuse the bottle or get colicky.
Soft rim gently conforms to baby's mouth to reduce spills.

The World Health Organization considers cup feeding the safest, most ideal way to feed a breastfed baby off the breast.

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
The best for oversupply ♥️!!

This is the absolute best product for oversupply. This is my third baby but I’m so glad that I finally have and found Kindest Cup. I can’t wait to gift it to friends in the future!! It’s the best!

Doesn’t stay on

Love the idea but the reality is that this did not work for me. Detaches easily as it gets filled and I find myself not using it because of that. Would not recommend, just as easy to use an actual pump.

Thanks so much for leaving a review! I'm sorry that the cup doesn't stay on for you when it fills up... would you mind trying out another cup, just to make sure it's not an issue with just one particular cup?
Also, in case you haven't seen it yet, here is a demo on how to get the best latch with kindestCup: https://kindestcup.com/blogs/news/spectacular-demo-of-the-kindestcup-latch . It's a bit different from other milk catchers.
Let me know if you're up for another try!

Side lying feeding saver

I nurse side lying and always fall into leakage from one side. This helped catch while nursing. Awesome!

Sofia Pyette
Great little cup

Perfect for hand expressing !! Thank you

Love this magic little cup!

As a new mom with oversupply and a strong letdown, this cup perfectly addressed three needs at once: a need to hand express letdown milk to avoid overwhelming my baby during a feeding, a need to catch milk on the opposite side of the one on which the baby is feeding, and a need to generate enough milk for filling a bottle to practice bottle feeding without pumping and exacerbating oversupply. This little cup suctions on with one hand, and stays in place when feeding baby in several different positions. I've only once had an unexpected flailing of baby that resulted in the cup being knocked off and causing some spillage. Since breastfeeding a newborn means I'm pretty much walking around covered in breast milk most of the time anyway, this was not a big deal. Thanks, kindestCup, for this simple but elegant solution!