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3 in 1 Breast Milk Catcher

3 in 1 Breast Milk Catcher

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(up to 4 cups in total)

Saving leaking milk, hand expression and cup feeding.

  • kindestCup is safe, made from 100% food-safe silicone.
  • kindestCup is super easy to clean. Dishwasher safe.
  • Unique flange-less design fits all breast sizes and shapes.
  • Get the functionality of multiple breastfeeding products for a fraction of the cost.
  • kindestCup is breastfeeding-friendly and WHO-code compliant.
  • kindestCup empowers new parents to breastfeed with confidence.

kindestCup has been welcomed by lactation professionals all over the world. Join a growing community of breastfeeding parents who embrace simplicity and flexibility in their breastfeeding journey. 

On-the-go option: Take kindestCup wherever you go in a rock-climbing inspired, lint-free drawstring bag with clip-on loop. Just $5.95 extra ($15 value).

Notice: kindestCup is patented under United States Patent no. 11,260,152


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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Thankful to have found this

I haven’t used this while nursing yet, but I am looking forward to having this as a tool. I have oversupply tendencies and also have quite the let down. Other suction milk catchers make me nervous as I feel they stimulate more milk production. This somehow suctions very securely without me feeling like it is “latched” on around my nipple.

Takisha Miller
Love this product

We love providing this product to participants of our programs. What a great way to catch expressed milk!

Love this for hand expressing - better than any pump

I had a bit of a difficult start to breastfeeding with my baby not gaining any weight for 3 weeks. I was eventually on a feed-pump-top up schedule 8 times a day - not only was this absolutely exhausting (especially with constantly having to put together, dismantle and sterilise the pump) but it was also extremely demoralising. There were many times when I’d be hooked up to a pump for half an hour only to find hardly any milk had been pumped.

After many tears and lots of money wasted on different pumps, I came across Mel’s video on hand expression vs pump and thought I’d give hand expression a go. I am a complete convert - hand expressing allows me to be more in tune with my body and reassures me that, while I may have low milk supply, I am still producing milk for my baby (and this makes up over half of my baby’s feeds). The bowl is perfect for catching the milk and I am even able to express when my baby is contact napping on me. The wide base makes sure there are no accidental spills. I also love the simplicity of having everything I need to support my breastfeeding journey with just my hands and this bowl. No more dismantling and sterilising pumps!

Finally, I also want to say thank you to Mel for being supportive in resolving a problem with delivery to a UK address - much appreciated and also happy with the very reasonable international postage!


This is a Baby Shower gift for my co-worker, baby not due til April.

Nolan Sarlo
It's really good.

It's really nice, just wish it was a bit bigger. Larger breasts work, but would be a bit better if it was a bit bigger.