To help parents protect their breastfeeding relationship in the face of the current health crisis, kindestCup is temporarily available at flexible pricing.

Spectacular demo of the kindestCup latch


One of the features of kindestCup is that it can be used hands-free to collect drip milk that is leaking from the breast by using passive suction. In fact, kindestCup is the only milk catcher I know that works in almost any position, even when lying down! It also works for most breast sizes or nipple shapes! I sometimes get asked how to get a good kindestCup latch. Here is a demo video to show you how exactly it's done. The technique I use is quite different from other milk catchers, such as the Haakaa, so check it out.

Here are the important points:

  • Line up the opening of kindestCup with your breast
  • Make sure the rim of the cup touches skin all around
  • Push the cup against your chest (I use both hands)
  • Make sure you hear the air escape between cup and skin (some might say it sounds like a fart)
  • When you remove your hand, the cup will have a wonky shape and it should stay that way. If it inflates, the seal is not tight and the cup will fall off. Please check if the rim touches skin all the way around and try again.

Have fun catching milk (and hopefully not spilling it)!

breastfeeding baby in bed with silicone milk catcher, side lying nursing

Picture: breastfeeding baby in bed while using kindestCup to catch drip milk