To help parents protect their breastfeeding relationship in the face of the current health crisis, kindestCup is temporarily available at flexible pricing.


the kindestcup team

Mel (Canada)

Mel is a breastfeeding mom with a PhD in biomechanics. She developed kindestCup while on mat leave with her second child. During countless hours of breastfeeding her newborn on the couch, she learned 3D CAD design, how to run an online store etc. As our CEO, Mel manages business operations, including logistics and customer relations. 

Helen (Ireland)

Helen is a breastfeeding counselor and professional glass artist. She is also our Creative Director. When Helen and Mel first started out, they made breastfeeding cups from hand blown glass.  Helen's breastfeeding art revolutionizes how we, as breastfeeding moms, relate to our breastfeeding journeys. She paves the way for empowerment and self-efficacy. Check out Helen's latest creations at

Vicky (China)

Vicky is a breastfeeding mom and our Production Manager. She is the one who turned kindestCup from an idea into the actual high quality silicone product we have today. The production of kindestCup, with its organic shape and large overhang, came with many technical challenges and she overcame them all. Vicky also ensures that every cup is manufactured to strict standards, using pure food-grade silicone.

Partner Brands

Will&Fox International

Will&Fox is an Australian brand founded by an awesome Aussie 'mompreneur'. They are famous for their kid's swim wear and now also offer a nursing collection. Their 'BOOBLE Cup' is just as amazing as the kindestCup because it is just differently branded version of the same product. 

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