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Frequently asked questions about kindestCup.

Hand expression is an essential skill that is easy to learn. It may require some trial and error.
The internet is full of questionable tutorials on hand expression, but here is a good one from a trusted source (Global Health Media):

How to hand express breastmilk

Cup feeding is suitable for babies of any age, even tiny newborns. This video from the Global Health Media Project shows how to feed a baby safely.

Cup feeding

Regular cleaning:

• Rinse cup well with warm water.
• Only use mild, oil-free detergent.
• Air dry in clean drying rack.


• Clean in the dishwasher


• Boil cup for 5-10 minutes

kindestCup is dishwasher and freezer safe (-50°C to 200°C/ -60°F to 400°F)

Depending on the hardness of the water used, cleaning may result in water stains over time. This does not affect the functionality of the product.

No, kindestCup does not pump or draw milk from your breasts. It uses passive suction to adhere to the breast and collects any milk that flows naturally from the nipple during letdown.

There is no flange and suction is not focused on the nipple, so little or no extra milk is drawn from the breast.

By capturing only the milk that would leak naturally, kindestCup does not interfere with your baby's and your body's ability to regulate milk supply.

If you do need to actively remove more milk, you can always use hand expression. kindestCup is the perfect cup for catching hand expressed milk.

What's with the milk catchers that only work when you sit up perfectly straight?? kindestCup has an exceptionally gentle and secure latch. It can be used in any nursing position, even side-lying.

When used as a hands-free milk catcher, kindestCup is designed to catch the milk that leaks naturally.

kindestCup is the only milk catcher that is multifunctional and also works for hand expression and cup feeding.

For more information on various milk catchers please read

What breastfeeding parents should know about collecting leaking breast milk

Yes, kindestCup compliments breast pumps well, especially if breast pumps are used for non-medical reasons. As an occasional breast pump user, you will find kindestCup helpful when the pump is not available, or even when you just want to avoid getting the pump dirty because you don't want to clean it again.

If you are going for volume, you will likely be able to remove more milk if you follow up your pumping session with some hand expression. kindestCup is the perfect cup to catch hand expressed milk.

Many find kindestCup more portable and discreet than a breast pump.

Note that most breast pumps are classified as medical devices and kindestCup is not a medical device. kindestCup should never be used to replace breastfeeding.