breastfeeding-friendly cup to COLLECT and FEED breast milk

A Simple, reliable breastfeeding solution
no pump or bottle required!


One simple cup, three breastfeeding solutions that have worked for millions of years.


Made from 100% pure food-grade silicone.
Easy to clean.


Save milk.
Save time. Save money.

What lactation professionals say

"kindestCup is the only essential item you need to breastfeed baby, aside from breasts." (Chelsea Poyo-Nieto, BA, IBCLC)
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"What a great product. I wish every mom could get one on the labour and delivery floor before going home!" (Hanna Liba, Labor and Delivery Nurse)
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"I absolutely love this product! My clients are amazed at the variety of ways this small and simple product can be used!" (Shannon D., IBCLC)

Do you need a natural and effective way to


leaking breast milk?


milk when you need it?


breast milk to baby?

2 effective ways to collect breast milk
and 1 breastfeeding-friendly alternative to bottle feeding.

Unique versatility

SAVE your milk

Passively collect leaking breast milk. kindestCup is a milk saver that suctions to the breast and collects drip milk HANDS-FREE and in ANY nursing position! Even when lying on your side!
kindestCup has a compact shape and an exceptionally gentle and secure latch. It's wide opening fits every breast size and shape.
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EXPRESS your milk

Actively express more breast milk.
Hand expression is the most reliable way to remove breast milk (after breastfeeding, of course). Research shows that our hands are more efficient than even the most expensive breast pump! Fun fact: Hand expressed milk also has a significantly higher fat content than pumped milk. That's good for baby's growth and prevents clogged ducts.
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CUP FEED your baby

Once you collected breast milk actively or passively, you or someone else can feed it to baby directly from kindestCup. Cup feeding is completely natural for babies. It is widely considered the safest, most ideal way to feed a baby. Even newborns can do it! kindestCup has a soft, flexible rim that gently conforms to baby's mouth and minimizes spills.
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How does kindestcup Compare to other Breastfeeding products?

See how kindestCup combines the functionality of multiple breastfeeding products in one simple, elegant design.

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